About Us

Who we are

LEVERAGE is nation building conference. The way to build a nation is to build people. This is a platform where we teach people how to explore and take advantage of their God given potentials. Where people can successfully lead themselves to personal fulfilment and can be actively involved in nation building.

The focal strategy of LEVERAGE is to offer solutions that is tailored along the pressing needs of the nation. We have created a three-fold mechanism around Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Personal development.

  • Leadership – To teach principles that will empower the youths to live by integrity, be a positive influence and become a patriotic nation builder.
  • Entrepreneurship – To raise unique and young social innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders by creating empowering and inspiring experiences.
  • Personal Development – To inspire young Nigerians with principles of intentional living and self-mastery. Fully developing and creating a balance between physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual intelligence.