Leverage Conference

It's my pleasure to welcome you to our website. Leverage conference is a new initiative that will hold annually majorly to propagate worthy ideas in areas of technology and education for national development. Our speakers and guests are experts in their fields who will share thought provoking ideas and will also give guided solutions that will inspire your greatness.

Leverage conference is for you and I. Let's discuss issues and share ideas that will make our blessed nation a more desirable place to be. We assure you that you will be fully impacted by this conference.
Leverage conference will primarily address two major areas which includes Technology and Education.

Leverage Conference 1.0 (Maiden edition)

Leverage conference is a new initiative devoted to the sharing of ideas and thoughts that will further equip the minds of the 21st century Nigerians especially the youths. As the word connotes, Leverage Conference will solely be a platform to show Nigerians how to take advantage of every possible resources, idea, and platform so as to build a formidable Nigeria together.

The maiden edition of the Leverage conference is focused on social media and branding. It is an opportunity to discuss about the power of social media in establishing and growing personal brands.

It is designed to offer young people the opportunity to discover the right approach to the use of social media for social good. All over the world, the social media is fast becoming a force to reckon with as it is a veritable tool that anyone, anywhere and anyhow can utilize to fast track the realization of their dreams.